TATAMI MAT, It’s kind to your body ~Don’t you feel cold on the stone floor?~

Most of condominium in Malaysia using stone floor. It is absolutely beautiful and shiny.
But sometimes you may feel cold for your feet or hard for your knee. Especially elder ages.
So am I  !

Cold feet is known as common occurrence, and there are several causes.

Standing / sitting on a cold stone floor can be a simple reason for cold feet and
it causes many problems for your health.

Tatami mat will cover you with comfortableness.
Keep your feet warm and kind for your knee.

I use Tatami mat in my living room and I can sit on it for a long hours
without feeling too cold. 
But it is still comfort me with coolness which we
definitely need in the Malaysian climate.

It can be installed easily in your room and carriable by only one female
if you want to change the layout. It offers a support underfoot as well as
cushioning even in the event of fall if you have small child or elderly in your family.

FLP is only one distributor of beautiful Tatami mat (MIGUSA) in Malaysia.
Feel free to contact us for any inquiries!

Be kind to your body and stay relaxed on Tatami mat !!

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