Floor mat in Malaysia ? TATAMI (MIGUSA) is a great option

Are you looking for comfortable floor mat ?
How about to try TATAMI mat ( MIGUSA ) for your elegance life style?
It is great option if you are caring about humidity in your room.

Migusa is a new type of tatami developed by Sekisui that delivers modern-day
functional performance while retaining the authentic texture and feel of
all-natural mat rush.

Traditional Japanese TATAMI are covered with woven soft rush (藺草, igusa) straw.
It is absolutely good smell, premium feeling while you are laying on it.
For me Japanese, traditional TATAMI texture remind me the days with families,
grandparents, or the days I was closer to the ground than these days.


However, in recent years, new materials have been introduced due to reasons such as
difficulty in obtaining materials, or difficulty in manufacturing and heavy handling.

Or due to propagation of harmful insects such as mites, and mold growth.
To keep good condition, traditional TATAMI need daily maintenance which may hard
for contemporary days.

MIGUSA, is one of the Tatami mat developed with these reasons.

It is a unique product made from traditional mat rush together with a specially developed
plastic containing inorganic calcium. The mat rush delivers the authentic texture and feel of
tatami matting while the plastic component enhances durability, improves product safety
and allows greater flexibility of design and color schemes.

MIGUSA controls the humidity through surface pores and this function helps our life
in Malaysia.  Refer to the chart from iamat.org, humidity in KL will start to go up to quite high
from this month.

It’s best timing to think about to try MIGUSA for your comfortable life J

FLP highly recommends you to try this beautiful TATAMI mat as an option for the floor mat!

We are only one authorized distributer of MIGUSA in Malaysia.
Migusa tatami mats can be configured in 41 different combinations of color and weave, and
our interior designers are willing to listen to your request !!

Any inquiry is welcome in anytime!!
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