TATAMI MAT (MIGUSA) bring infinite designs to your room !


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Hello, everyone!
Thank you so much for a lot of inquiries about TATAMI MAT, MIGUSA. We are
happy for your interest!

Today, I’d like to introduce a lot of common questions from you about MIGUSA.

“Which colors are arranged in this sample photo?”


Simple way of arrangement in one color 

Indeed…it looks it’s arranged with 2 different brown mats. But actually, these all are
same color, “Night forest” in Earth color 

Let’s zoom in for clarity….

Can you see woven direction is different from the neighbors? Yes, vertical and horizontal
is placed in alternatively. 
With only this simple arrangement, it creates the shade of color
and bring beautiful plaid design on the floor!
Now, let’s look for “Green Reef” in Ichimatsu series in special promotion. This is also
arranged in alternative way, and so plaid design is appeared by one color !

This is simple and elegant, isn’t it?

Good news about Ichimatsu pattern

By the way, this Ichimatsu series is as you look in the zoom pic above,
itself has plaid woven design.  
“Ichimatsu” pattern (same meaning as “Plaid”) is
Japanese traditional, 
and it creates calming space (Washitsu) in your home.

This pattern has long been used in ornaments, crafts, and architecture in Japan. 
During the middle of Edo period, famous Kabuki actor Sanogawa Ichimatsu wore 
Hakama (Traditional cloth) with this pattern on the stage, which became very popular 
among women at the time.

Good news about Ichimatsu pattern is that this plaid pattern is a symbol of prosperity
and business expansion because the pattern continues without interruption! 
And it
is a very popular design as an auspicious pattern even until now!! 

Choice is infinity, and as you like 

On going promotion is only Green Reef in Ichimatsu series now, but you can enjoy plenty
of color combinations with MIGUSA. 
Combination of the woven direction,  colors, and color
of the floor give you an infinity pattern of choices. But you can still enjoy only by one color .

These are just a few of examples.

↑ MESEKI series  Mocha beige  

↑ Earth Color series    Autumn leaves 

↑ Sucree series    Soda 

↑ Zen series  Beni-tsubaki  

It may be difficult to have this much colour choices in traditional TATAMI. FLP helps you
to enjoy TATAMI life in modern era as you wish !! 
Of course, you also have plenty of
choices for traditional color and 
designs if you like it.

Our designer will support you to create elegant Japanese room (Washitsu) in your home!!

Please feel free to contact to our interior designers to help your ideas!!

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