【MIGUSA, TATAMI mat 】Maintain mites & mold !


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Hello everyone.

Today, I’d like to focus about mites, mold and unwanted bacteria on TATAMI. I have dust allergy and am so sensitive about this!!
When I lived in South Asia, I had to fight with them almost EVERYDAY and needed to clean my flat every single day after my
work late at night…   
My entire body itches when I remember that days 

■Mites and mold’s favorite place

Not only on the carpet or sofa, but also on the floor, they are happily live if they love the condition there. So what is there
favorite condition?

Mites : They are comfortable between 20-30 degrees in temperature, and 60 % humidity.  Love the dust,
food residue, and dirt from human.

Mold: They are comfortable with moisture and nutrition.

So, they both love high humidity.  Malaysia might be paradise  for them !!

■How about on TATAMI, Japanese traditional floor

Actually, traditional TATAMI (made by IGUSA, natural plant) is known as favorite place for mites and mold if you don’t maintain it
very well, especially in high humidity. As it is known in Japan that the rainy season is a moldy season, the damp climate is
a favorite for mold and mites. If in Malaysian climate, you definitely need to control TATAMI condition properly for whole year.

■Why MIGUSA has resistance to mold and mites

So, they say about MIGUSA, “Health benefits from improved resistance to mold and mites”. Why? I introduce 2 main reasons.

① MIGUSA doesn’t have natural nutrition when IGUSA (Traditional TATAMI)  has

MIGUSA is made by specially developed plastic containing inorganic calcium. It will be almost water and carbon dioxide when it
is completely burned and does not generate dioxin. MIGUSA doesn’t contain natural nutrition for mites and mold.

② MIGUSA controls the humidity but doesn’t absorb the moisture as IGUSA does
MIGUSA  has plenty of micro pores on their surface which control the humidity. In addition, it has corrugations to keep it dry.
It controls the humidity but doesn’t absorb and keep moisture inside the mat. This is different function with traditional

■Still regular cleaning is important !

I hope now you know how MIGUSA is developed.  But of course, regular cleaning to remove good food for mold and mites is
It is quite easy to maintain MIGUSA. Just vacuum the surface as usual and wipe with damp cloth. I normally use
neutral detergent as the same as cleaning the floor. This is enough to protect your MIGUSA from mites and mold !!  Now I can
idle away on TATAMI mat without worrying about my allergy 

■MIGUSA is officially recommended by JPN Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association

We want to keep TATAMI space safe and clean for comfortability and good health of your family.  MIGUSA is officially
by Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association as developed TATAMI that has resistance to mites and
mold. FLP wants a lot of Malaysian to enjoy this comfortability at your place !  You will love it

FLP delivers MIGUSA at your place, but also we design your original TATAMI room (Washitsu) if you would like to develop
your home/office in complete Japanese style!

Any inquiries are welcome in anytime from anywhere !! 
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