【MIGUSA |TATAMI MAT】Installed in an office in KL

Hello, everyone.
I hope everyone stay safe and in good health in this condition in Malaysia.

Today, I’d like to introduce a case of usage MIGUSA in an office in Kuala Lumpur.
(Thank you very much for letting us to introduce the photo in the office !!)

Beni-tsubaki color in “ZEN collection” was ordered to match with their meeting
space with sofas in charcoal.

Here is their office ↓↓

Modern colored MIGUSA leads a sparkle to the office!!

We install/deliver MIGUSA, developed TATAMI mat not only to your home but also to your office.
Differ from IGUSA (traditional TATAMI mat ), MIGUSA is hardly become fluffy and easy to clean
the dirt with dump cloth. You can keep it shiny for long term J

Not only just as a mat on the floor, maybe you can install MIGUSA in your office in different way.
How about to make the meeting space to “Horigotatsu” style? You might have seen it in
Japanese restaurant.  

”Horigotatsu ”↓↓

It is a bit high from the floor and has recessed floor beneath in the middle so that you can
stretch your legs under the table. 
This might be super relaxing meeting room! 
Great inspiration comes when we are relaxing !  Meeting in Horigotatsu room may help !?

Our interior designers are looking forward to your inquiries about MIGUSA, with cool ideas
for your home/office!!

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