【MIGUSA maintenance】You can disinfect MIGUSA


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Hello, everyone !

As we already introduced, MIGUSA is specially developed TATAMI which will not fade or discolor, has resistance to
mites and mold, easy cleaning, safe/comfortable with non-slip surface. In addition to these features, you can disinfect
MIGUSA in following items ! 
(Items shown in below are not for traditional TATAMI, only for MIGUSA.)
Even steam cleaner can be used !

Because of COVID-19, many of you may clean and disinfect your room more often than usual.  I wish you are in
safe and healthy, and we can overcome the situation in Malaysia!

About alcohol concentration

Most of the Ethanol for disinfection or Isopropyl Alcohol in the shops is 70% concentration. 
Therefore, you need
to adjust it to use it for MIGUSA.

To make 70% Ethanol for disinfection or Isopropyl Alcohol (100ml) to 58%, add  20.7ml water.

( TOP: Ethanol for disinfection BELOWIsopropyl Alcohol 

 Photo from LAZADA )


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