How about Platform Washitsu by MIGUSA ?


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Hello everyone.  We FLP wishes you are stay in safe and healthy in this time of challenging.

Today, I’d like to introduce Platform Washitsu (Japanese style room) installed in our customer’s home
in Malaysia before. MIGUSA can be used in different way not only just to arrange on the floor !!

 This is our 3D design after we exchanged ideas with customer. Mindful work by our designer is our MD’s
endorsement !!  As you can see, TATAMI room with MIGUSA fits such a stylish room with wine cooler !!

 Following is after installation. Step was converted to drawers. This is good idea and help you to keep tidy

If you are thinking to develop your room by Platform Washitsu, I highly recommend you to  let us know the size of
the space in advance. It will be quite expensive if you already fixed the size of the platform, as you need to
order custom-made MIGUSA TATAMI to JAPAN in order to fit your size. To install beautiful Platform Washitsu
reasonably, choosing existent MIGUSA from our website is the best way !!

Many ideas with MIGUSA. If you want to make the platform to the “play base” for your children, safety fence can
be installed. Toys will be in the drawer. After they grow up, you can dismantle the platform and MIGUSA can
be used as normal TATAMI mat on the floor. 
This is MIGUSA’s special features that is long life with the resistance to
splitting and fluffing even after spending playful time on the mat for some years 

 Or, it would be great idea to install Platform Washitsu in your office. Nowadays, relaxing meeting space attract
employees, and Washitsu must be an unique option

How about Platform Washitsu in your home, office, or the space for customers ? Design is infinite with the
combination of type of MIGUSA and color of platform.

Please feel free to contact to our designer to exchange ideas
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