>> TATAMI MAT (MIGUSA) special promotion Is HERE

Hi everyone!
Today I am introducing unique way of using MIGUSA.

We got MIGUSA Mat order by Okamura International Malaysia Sdn Bhd, famous office furniture supplier to use it
as product mat in PARIS MIKI, very popular optician @SURIA KLCC. 

Just as laying it and it creates a space with Japanese scent. This is so unique and good idea for any kind of shops.
This mat is not a regular product and custom-made item but we are happy if you got an essence of showcase in
Japanese style. 
Thank you very much PARIS MIKI for allowing us to share this to all.

Just as my personal opinion, I would like apparel shops to use MIGUSA tatami in their fitting room. In Japan, most of
fitting room is used without shoes, or they have small space with mat or platform in the fitting room so that we can use
there without shoes. 
For me Japanese,  in most of fitting rooms in oversea, I struggle to avoid new clothes for selling
to touch the floor and get dirt. I assume many Japanese have this habit! Too much worrying??Maybe you are right!  
But what happen in the fitting room is that I usually sweat as if I did some exercises in there, as caring the dirt 

If there is MIGUSA tatami mat with platform, problem in fitting room will be solved 

We are waiting your call/emails to install brand new fitting room in your shop! That's my wish !!
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