Enjoy Tatatmi Life Even In The Office!!

I’m sure we have all experienced that moment when we’re taking a break from work in the office and all we want to do is to lie down and rest. 💦
Even if our job is not physically strenuous, long hours at the desk can make you mentally exhausted and cause you to crave for a short break to rest and relax

The tatami is perfect for such situations
Even a meeting room can double up as a cosy lounge or space to relax in just an instant!

To boost efficiency and productivity levels at work, some companies in America such as (Nike, Uber, Google etc) recommend employees to take a nap in the middle of their work day

The Sekisui Tatami weighs only 4.7kg per piece, so it’s easy to carry and move them around however you like 👍

Why not take a short power nap during your precious breaktime, or take off your shoes and lie down comfortably on the tatami while chatting with your colleagues
You will definitely have a relaxing time on the tatami. 😄

In addition, the tatami is especially useful when you face medical emergencies. 😨💦

Have you ever felt dizzy all of a sudden and found it hard to sit on usual chairs or make your way to a sofa near you
Or maybe even found yourself in situations where you had to pick someone up who was feeling unwell and lay them on a sofa
Having a tatami would be a great help in such situations❗❗
I’m sure we all know that incredible feeling of feeling so much more refreshed and energised after lying down on a tatami, even if it’s just for a short time.
With only 2 pieces of tatami, you can easily set up a small ‘sick bay’ area for those feeling unwell. 👍

If you would like to use the tatami at a construction site or a prefab cabin (tiny home), we recommend the roll tatami as shown below.

🍀As shown above, the different ways and possibilities of using the tatami are simply endless! 🍀
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